Monday, May 18, 2009

The End of an Era

This blog is now a relic. Until next time. . .

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dirty Laundry


My Anthem

I have many songs that I consider 'me' but this afternoon I was eating lunch and this song started playing. Most of my songs remind me of moments I've had or how I'm feeling but this one is just me. It's Eric Clapton's "I've Got a Rock 'n Roll Heart." I couldn't find a video of him playing it but I did find a cover that isn't to terrible (although the quality is horrible) so you can get the gist:

On a side note, I think this also describes me father (I have grown into a little, female version of him) but we will always disagree on who holds the title of "greatest guitarist ever."

Saturday, May 16, 2009


In a generation of mass media and technology it's tough to imagine not having a TV. Yesterday I was staring at my empty "TV stand" (a credenza really) and wonderd what to put there. I came up with this: Do you recognize it? It's a stereo! Yes, just a music box. No internet access, no moving pictures, not even a remote. I could have put the speakers on the floor but I sort of like their presence, solid and obtrusive (mimicking a TV). Makes me think of Mel Blanc and radio personalities. History, things that belong on my blog. What's in the CD player? "Amos Lee" and "Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey" And no, I haven't named my gazelle, applications open.

On Track

I feel like I have been ranting this passed month, I need another creative outlet, one that exist in reality. Not internet nonsense. Oh! the internet nonsense.... Ok, focus, focus. Here are a few shots of a finished kitchen. The last photos I shared were close but the details were missing. Below, the sockets and switches are finished with gleaning, white face plates and a new faucet! Not my dream faucet but incredibly nicer than the "bargain-bin" faucet that came with the house.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


So my last post really got me thinking. Here is what I came up with:Simple. Perhaps it looks a little unfinished but I want something I can age with. Nothing to elaborate or overdone. I am still struggling over where to put it. I want to show it off, but I also want to be able to cover it easily. All weather, versatility. Option 1 or Option 2 (?):
Option 1 is problematic but it's growing on me. It wouldn't be visible except in a bathing suit (which I often avoid) so I'm thinking, no. I'm not sure about option 2, seems predictable. Any suggestions?

Red Lines

I don't know why but I have been on a "car kick" lately. Maybe I'm about to have a breakthrough, some masterpiece is about to boil over (one can only hope). Perhaps it's me searching out a possible tattoo idea. I know I want a car but how do you turn a car tattoo into something, well, "classy?"

That's for another post. This one is about my attraction to red lines. "Red lines?" You ask. Tires. I might be the only girl you will meet named Bill and the only one that melts over red line tires. They are just classic and they remind me of hot wheels. I'm a resto mod. girl (in case I haven't already mentioned that) I like my classics to look just as they did when they came off the show room but with modern convenience (ie. a/c, disc brakes, fm radio/cd and power steering). I guess the red lines just scream retro and I love it. I'm also a sucker for detail, obviously. How can your heart not skip a beat at the sight of these babies:

These are all bowties. I do love Mopar, they are #2. I'm beginning to warm up to Fords, slowly...